in a Rhone Valley vineyard
a safe and simple legal framework

Actionnaire vignobles

in a Rhone Valley vineyard
a safe and simple legal framework

Devenir sociétaire - étape 1

Just fill in the subscription form and attach payment.

Devenir sociétaire - étape 2

The request will then be validated by the Cooperative Council.

Devenir sociétaire - étape 3

You will receive a share certificate.

Devenir sociétaire - étape 4

You will then officially be a shareholder able to benefit from all advantages.

A sound investment that is in the collective interest

Established, tested, and approved by tax lawyers, the legal framework is truly simple. The definitive acquisition of shares is confirmed by the cooperative council, who issue the corresponding stock certificate(s). This financial arrangement has been studied and approved by legal experts.
Your investment is protected.

An innovative legal status: the Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif
The SCIC is a new type of corporate identity for cooperatives created in 2001.
It reinvented the role of stakeholders, who work together to realise and manage a joint project. The idea is to bring together people who, for various reasons, are interested in setting up a new company combining the economic and social resources of the region where the SCIC is located. Based on cooperative rules, SCICs are recognised as commercial entities and function just like any other company. They are committed to sustainable local development. Deeply rooted in their region, SCICs are in the collective interest and are clearly a factor in social cohesiveness.

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